Items That Can Help Your Baby Sleep Until 7am

Are you struggling to get your baby to sleep until 7am? Check out these 10 items that can help promote better sleep for your little one. From white noise machines to sleep sacks, these products are designed to help your baby stay asleep for longer.

  1. White Noise Machine: A white noise machine can help create a soothing background sound that can help your baby relax and fall asleep faster. The constant noise can also help drown out any sudden noises that might wake your baby up prematurely.
  2. Sleep Sack: A sleep sack is a wearable blanket that can help keep your baby warm and cozy throughout the night. It can also help prevent your baby from kicking off their blankets, which can lead to waking up cold and uncomfortable.
  3. Swaddle Blanket: Swaddling can help your baby feel secure and calm, which can lead to better sleep. A swaddle blanket can make it easier to wrap your baby up snugly without worrying about the blanket coming undone during the night.
  4. Blackout Curtains: Exposure to light can interfere with your baby’s sleep patterns. Blackout curtains can help create a dark environment that can signal to your baby that it’s time to sleep.
  5. Humidifier: A humidifier can help add moisture to the air, which can help soothe your baby’s dry throat and nasal passages. This can help prevent waking up due to discomfort.
  6. Sleep Training Clock: A sleep training clock can help teach your baby when it’s time to wake up. The clock can be set to change colors or make a noise at a certain time, which can help your baby learn to wait until it’s time to get up.
  7. Baby Monitor: A baby monitor can help you keep an eye on your baby without having to be in the same room. This can give you peace of mind and help prevent unnecessary wake-ups due to parental checking.
  8. Comfortable Mattress: A comfortable mattress can help your baby stay asleep for longer periods of time. Look for a mattress that provides good support and is made of breathable materials.
  9. Nightlight: A nightlight can help provide a comforting glow that can help your baby feel safe and secure during the night. It can also help make it easier for you to check on your baby without disrupting their sleep.
  10. Essential Oils: Certain essential oils, such as lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus, can help promote relaxation and better sleep. Use a diffuser to help fill the room with the soothing scents.


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